Organization Structure




  • Article of Association No. 12 dated 13 November 2009 Notary Gina Yuliati, S.H
  • Amendment No. 213 date 16 March 2016 Notary Deni Subarno S.H M.Kn
  • Endorsement of ministry decree KUKM RI No.07/BH/XIII/518-DISKOP.UMKM/XII/2010
  • Endorsement amendment of ministry decree KUKM RI No.  07/BH/XIII/518-DISKOP. UMKM/III/2016
  • Cooperative Number Identity 320429004001
  • Tax ID Number
  • Certificate of domicile  No: 13/Des.2001/III/2016
  • Certificate of Company Registration (TDP) No.
  • Business Licensee (SIUP) – a small (PK) No. 01126/10-12/PK/XI/2010
  • Location Permit (SITU) No. 518/1091/SITU/BPMP 


Sanama Profile

Koperasi Simpan Pinjam dan Pembiayaan Syariah Sanama (KSPPS BMT Sanama) before known as Koperasi Serba Usaha sanama (KSU Sanama) is sharia-based cooperative for extending financial and other services to micro and small enterprises. Sanama using Baitul Maal Wattamwil or BMT as sharia-based concept into the operation. BMT offered two concept, Baitul Tamwil focus to develop business activities and productive investment with the goal of profit (profit-oriented for organization and member). Baitul Maal focus on social, non-profit and also prioritized to assist productive activities of the poor.

Due to economic crisis, micro and small entrepreneurs have problems to develop their business activities and make the sales and assets decreased. Significant barrier between micro and small enterprises with medium and high enterprises is the opportunity and chance to access to sources of fund and wide market. This condition is taken by Sanama as a chance and opportunity to support capital for micro and small enterprises. 

Sanama establishment led by practitioners who are quite experienced in cooperatives and financial institutions especially microfinance institutions. The commitment of the founders is as concrete measures to address the challenges and opportunities in the development of micro and small entrepreneurs, so they can provide added value in the business. 



Sanama Team



“To become one of the largest Islamic co-operative in West Java with an asset size of 50 billion by 2016”



“To provide solution to the underserved market through comprehensive, sustainable and professional financial and non-financial services base on sharia principles”


  Key Success Factor

Solid, each person of employee always work together as a team that have skill and complete each other, committed to corporate mission to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently.

Productivity, each person of employee always work effective, discipline and appreciate the time to complete the task quickly and never give up to achieve the goals.

Integrity, each person of employee has the consistency and unwavering firmness in upholding the value of belief.

Reliable, each person of employee always reliable through a critical way of thinking, creative, independent, honest and promote competence and professionalism

Improvement, each person of employee always make improvement and development for better product, services and processes continuously to seek and obtain better result.

Trust, always build a harmonious relationship in a conducive environment, inspiring, and mutually develop to build a solid team. Produce creative and innovative work, upholding integrity and reliable.



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