Board of Director

1. President Director

Bambang Miswanto, SE, He graduated from Faculty of Economic, in the field Accounting Bandung Islamic University, Bandung 1997 for his undergraduate degree and Financial and Banking, Institute Koperasi dan Manajemen Bandung, 2008. He worked at PT PNM (Persero) with last position  as Marketing Section Head 2000 - 2008. Previously, he worked in Pikko Bank Tbk (J Trust Bank) as a operation manager from 1997 - 2000. Bambang Miswanto’s  assessment related work experiences Trainer for Small Medium Enterprise and Microfinance since 2003, Consultant of Modul Training  Development for Small Medium Enterprise , Trainer for Entrepreneurship program for youth, Motivator and key note speaker for Entrepreneurship and microfinance program.Consultant Market Research for Youth Financial Services  in Central Java funded by PLAN Indonesia in June  2010, team member for review financial education in central Java funded by PLAN Indonesia in June 2010, Consultant product development for KOMIDA funded by PLAN Indonesia in 2011, Advisor for Technical Assistant for  MFI Chevron Gunung Salak in 2011 – 2014


2. Finance Director

Ir Akhmad Gozali, At 2007, He graduated in the field Physic at State University of. His career started in 2008 at PT BPRS Alsalaam Amal Salman as Account Officer. An then, he worked at PT. Titipan Mas (Solusi Tunai) with last position as Branch Head from 2010-2013. Previously, He served as Estimator Gold Pawning from April 2010 until August 2012. In 2013, He joined Sanama as Branch Manager and Treasurer of Sanama based on decision annual meeting of members dated March 21th, 2015. Project manager mudharaba by Ankaa Investors (2016).

He has attended many training, one of them is Training to Improve the capabilities and managerial accounting based entrepreneurship for cooperation in West Java, organized by Departement of Cooperatives (2013). And then, Training and Competency Test Manager of Credit Unions organized by the Department of Cooperatives (2016). Beside that, He has attanded workshop about “Institutional Building Baitul Maal” organized by Dompet Dhuafa (2014) and workshop about Health Assessment for organized by Departements of Cooperatives (2014). At May 2016, He had just attended the Academy for Microfinance Development in Asia , organized by MICRA Indonesia.


3. Operational Director

Arlan Setiono, SE, has been serving as Secretary of Sanama based on decision annual meeting of members dated March 21th, 2015. In 2008 he joined Sanama as Branch Manager. He is a graduate of Managemen Departement from Swadaya Gunung Jati University. He has attended Arrange external training. External training that has been implemented is ”Professional Selling Skills for SME” in Kuningan cooperated with MICRA (2010) , MFI’s Assistance in Gunung Salak, Microfinance project Chevron Geothermal Gunung Salak cooperated with YBUL (2011),  MFI’s Assistance in Grobogan, Microfinance project Plan Indonesia – 2011.



“To become one of the largest Islamic co-operative in West Java with an asset size of 50 billion by 2016”



“To provide solution to the underserved market through comprehensive, sustainable and professional financial and non-financial services base on sharia principles”


  Key Success Factor

Solid, each person of employee always work together as a team that have skill and complete each other, committed to corporate mission to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently.

Productivity, each person of employee always work effective, discipline and appreciate the time to complete the task quickly and never give up to achieve the goals.

Integrity, each person of employee has the consistency and unwavering firmness in upholding the value of belief.

Reliable, each person of employee always reliable through a critical way of thinking, creative, independent, honest and promote competence and professionalism

Improvement, each person of employee always make improvement and development for better product, services and processes continuously to seek and obtain better result.

Trust, always build a harmonious relationship in a conducive environment, inspiring, and mutually develop to build a solid team. Produce creative and innovative work, upholding integrity and reliable.



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