1.Sanama Murabaha Financing

  • Financing with Concept difference (margin ) between the cost of goods sold / buying and selling price for working capital, business development, investment, and other multi services with payment in monthly or weekly installments. Financing from IDR 500.000,00 s / d IDR 50.000.000,00 read more...

2. Sanama Mudharabah Financing

  • Investments in venture capital with the concept of profit-sharing revenue (revenue sharing) based on the composition of capital. Funding from IDR 5.000.000,00 until IDR 50.000.000,00 read more...

3. Pembiayaan Sanama Hiwalah

  • Diversion member’s receivable to BMT Sanama. Where the member's receivable paid in advance by BMT Sanama then BMT Sanama bill the receivable billed to the debtor who owes to member’s. read more...

In addition to the existing financing products KSPPS BMT Sanama also develop financing products through a mechanism of cooperation with the company - the company ( Implant Microfinance Program) in order to anticipate the needs of the company's employees. Cooperation is done through the signing of a memorandum of understanding between KSPS Sanama with the company concerned. click here 

For the micro business KSPS Sanama presents Financing Group ( Loan Partnership Program ) . This financing is given to the micro-finance productive businesses who do not have collateral to mencover fulfillment of the loan ( unsecured ) . Financing is done through the mechanism of joint responsibility. Funding is coordinated by Sanama partners in the field to form groups of micro-enterprises. click here


1.  Deposits Saving Sanama Wadiah

  • Using wadiah contract, is pure deposits which must be preserved and restored any time if the member (shahibul maal) willed. BMT is responsible for the return of deposits and doesn’t require a profit-sharing except in the form of bonuses (athaya) which is not promised. read more...

2.  Deposits Saving Sanama Mudharabah

  • Using mudharabah contract where members (shahibul maal) provides full discretion to BMT (mudharib) to manage the funds. This saves Mudharobah competitive profit-sharing in accordance with the agreed ratio. read more...

3.  Deposits Saving Sanama Mudharabah Planned

  • On term deposits saving which can be withdrawn only at a predetermined time based on the plan fund owner (shahibul maal) with a competitive profit-sharing in accordance with the ratio agreed in the beginning. read more...

4. On Term Deposits

  • Deposits form on term investment with very competitive profit-share that can be withdrawn only at certain times based on the agreement between the customer and the owner of the funds (shahibul maal) and BMT (mudharib) with profit sharing in accordance with the ratio agreed in early. read more...


Driven by small farmers alarming situation, our team conducted a discussion with sales and technical personnel as well as the agricultural company did a survey of farmer households in several areas in Java to find the problem. The price of farm inputs unstable, way of cultivation which is still based on instinct and are not necessarily relevant to current conditions may result in financial losses. Plus access to capital and insurance is still limited, and the presence of middlemen who deal likely to harm (with low crop prices, high interest rate and the prices of farmed high) makes them even more difficult to achieve a decent level of welfare. Therefore, Sanama present to grow and develop with Farmers to improve the welfare of farmers.



“To become one of the largest Islamic co-operative in West Java with an asset size of 50 billion by 2016”



“To provide solution to the underserved market through comprehensive, sustainable and professional financial and non-financial services base on sharia principles”


  Key Success Factor

Solid, each person of employee always work together as a team that have skill and complete each other, committed to corporate mission to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently.

Productivity, each person of employee always work effective, discipline and appreciate the time to complete the task quickly and never give up to achieve the goals.

Integrity, each person of employee has the consistency and unwavering firmness in upholding the value of belief.

Reliable, each person of employee always reliable through a critical way of thinking, creative, independent, honest and promote competence and professionalism

Improvement, each person of employee always make improvement and development for better product, services and processes continuously to seek and obtain better result.

Trust, always build a harmonious relationship in a conducive environment, inspiring, and mutually develop to build a solid team. Produce creative and innovative work, upholding integrity and reliable.



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